You have to see the funny side. by Bernard

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Some years ago, a group of friends and acquaintances of mine, having drink taken, set up what amounted to a sort of tontine. This was not to pay out until there was one last lone survivor. Now, around 45 years on, some of these guys have dropped off their perch and the rest cannot remember where the money is. It wasn't a life changing amount at the time, probably £50 or £100 each (I can't remember either) but looking at how invested money has rolled up during the intervening years, notably pre 1982, it is now worth possibly up to 80 times more. The few survivors who are still compos mentis are not bothered, all having written off the money at the time and are really quite amused by the situation. Even the 2 who barely recognise themselves in a mirror but they can't remember why they're laughing.

Posted 08 Feb 2017, 11:52 #1