You couldn't make it up! by Dave Goody

Dave Goody
On Saturday I was in a traffic jam to a small shopping centre. Had been moving a few feet at a time very slowly.
During this time I had been watching a young girl in a new Audi A3 behind me who was alternatively holding her phone to her ear or texting on the top of the steering wheel for 20 mins. I suddenly felt a little twitch at the back of my vehicle and thought "did she just touch me?" Anyway knowing my tow hitch extends about 9" I didn't worry. We moved another 6" and "Bang!" She shunted me forward about 6" Now I'm driving an X Trail so fairly heavy.
I leapt out of the car and told her to get off the Bl**dy phone and told her in no uncertain terms that if she was doing 70 she would be dead. All I got was "I'm Sorry" repeated umpteen times. No damage to me but a fair bit to the Audi. My wife wanted it reported to the police but I said she should learn a lesson with at least a £200 bill for repair. We then entered the shopping centre car park and the girl parked a fair way away from me [not surprised]
I then walked across the car park to see her walking across the access road in front of traffic texting!
Rather wish I'd taken the no. now and contacted the police. Some people can only learn the really hard way!

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Bermudan 75
I recently had to swerve to avoid a tractor coming around a corner rather fast towards me. The driver of the tractor was holding a phone to his ear.....

Posted 09 Nov 2015, 17:47 #2 

No need to worry now as the police have said that due to cuts you can now use a phone with impunity.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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Borg Warner
Or, more worryingly, she will kill or injure someone else.

Gary M.

Posted 10 Nov 2015, 12:22 #4 

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you sir are a cool dude, I salute your restraint and the word bloody. This would have been me, I shit you not
If at first you don't succeed, hide the evidence.

Posted 12 Nov 2015, 02:13 #5 

Dave Goody
Devilish wrote:you sir are a cool dude, I salute your restraint and the word bloody. This would have been me, I shit you not

If I could have found her car in the car park after the incident I probably would have!

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