Yet more aviation, and now there are just 10 left... by Bermudan 75

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Bermudan 75
According to Jelle Hemming's website, there are now just 10 VC10s left in service.

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:cry: Everything must come to an end at some point. They just look right and sound incredible, I'm hoping at least half that amount if not all can be preserved in museums.

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Only time I ever travelled in one of those was being casevac'ed back from Akrotiri.

Magnificent aircraft though :)

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By a coincidence I was talking to a guy at work tonight who is about to retire and we were talking about that fab aeroplane.He managed to get on one of the final delivery flights and was recalling being on the flight deck when she overflew the airfield on arrival......gear up,fast and 15'! off the deck!!I have always had a very soft spot for this machine and am glad that I was not about when they broke them up at work(right outside our present hanger).I was lucky enough to get this book as a birthday pressy a few years back.wonderful read. ... 1902236025

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It is a shame that the museums are static. It is in the air that they are at their best. Perhaps the fact that no Concordes will ever be seen in the air is very sad. Where I lived up until 2001 was some way from Heathrow but on the flight path. Every evening it was a treat to go outside and watch Concorde fly over having announced that it was coming by making a very different noise to any other aircraft.

Bit like steam locomotives, the difference between a static display and one steaming and in action.

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Ah, now I am on "lates" at the moment and late last night I took my camera/tripod out onto the apron and took a shot of "The Rocket" as we afectionatly call her, she is lit up by security floodlights at the moment.

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