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Well, as you may recall I am on 90 days notice and due to finish on the 30th of this month. There are 60 inspectors and going forward there was to be 9 inspectors/auditors. We have all been invited to apply for the positions and had our interviews 2 week ago. Then came the news they only actually want 2 :(, goes from bad to worse :(.

I have spent the last month receiving half promises of employment "once we know how much work we have" from other contractors or dozens of self employed offers. In short there is no work out there in the gas industry at the moment, unless you want to work all over the country all hours god sends, cover emergency call out, work away from home etc.

Anyway, received a phone call at 7:30pm this evening from the new manager appointed to run the auditors / inspectors ( the interview I attended 2 weeks ago). He apologised for the time of the call as he was rather busy today and it slipped his mind, so he rang me from home. Offered me the post of Inspector/Auditor for the Northern Region. Same pay and conditions, start date 1st July........
My posts later this evening may be a little incoherent :D :D. Any Vis motors I have booked in to build tomorrow may be cancelled ( yours are in the post Gary ;))
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Posted 07 Jun 2013, 19:36 #1 

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Congratulations. You deserve some good news. Have one for me, and make sure your good lady partakes as well.

Posted 07 Jun 2013, 19:39 #2 

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About bloody time too, me old mate :) I'll put a little extra Glenmorangie in the glass tonight in celebration. Fantastic news :)

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 07 Jun 2013, 19:58 #3 

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Good news and a weight of your shoulders. Congratulations.
"Keep Smilin'"

Posted 07 Jun 2013, 19:59 #4 

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Great news.

Ill have a drink waiting for you in the chill out room.

Posted 07 Jun 2013, 20:00 #5 

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(Site Admin)
Outstanding, couldn't be more pleased for the most deserving bloke.

Posted 07 Jun 2013, 20:49 #6 

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glad to hear you have good news at last

Posted 07 Jun 2013, 21:08 #7 

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Borg Warner
Really pleased for you Dave. Must be a huge relief for you.

And thanks.

Gary M.

Posted 07 Jun 2013, 21:12 #8 

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Good news, Dave, I'm pleased to hear this. :)

Posted 07 Jun 2013, 21:27 #9 

Great news ,well done x

Posted 07 Jun 2013, 22:20 #10 

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Bermudan 75
Great news Dave, :cheers:


Posted 08 Jun 2013, 05:56 #11 

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Very pleased to hear your news Dave :thumbsup:
Best wishes for the future
See you soon
Dave T

Posted 08 Jun 2013, 06:55 #12 

Well done Dave, pleased the light didn't go out at the end of the tunnel, you deserved it.


Posted 08 Jun 2013, 09:17 #13 

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Great news Dave!

Posted 08 Jun 2013, 12:40 #14 

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Well done Dave :cheers:

Posted 08 Jun 2013, 23:05 #15 

thats brilliant news, well done x

Posted 09 Jun 2013, 14:28 #16 

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7th June
goodlittlewifey wrote:Great news ,well done x

9th June
goodlittlewifey wrote:thats brilliant news ,well done x

You need to be taking more water with it ;) :D
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Posted 09 Jun 2013, 16:06 #17 

Dave Goody
Thats Brilliant Dave, Dave

Posted 10 Jun 2013, 12:44 #18 

Nice one Dave! :)

Posted 10 Jun 2013, 20:59 #19 

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Maybe we should look at that power board now I can fund it then David ;)
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Posted 10 Jun 2013, 21:10 #20