Today's tale or... the beauty of Latin. by Raistlin

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In the dock this morning were two female shop-lifters. I say shop-lifters as they had already pleaded guilty as my tale begins.

The dock in Court 8 is a secure dock and has a particularly sensitive microphone. So much so that conversations can sometimes be heard from downstairs in the cells and any conversation in the dock itself can be heard loudly and clearly throughout Court 8.

The prosecutor was outlining the case for us. For some reason which eludes me she used the word coitus, at which point one of the defendants looked up with a puzzled expression on her face. She slightly turned to her companion and said "What's coitus?" to which her co-defendant replied, "It's another word for fukcing." (Here I apologise for my somewhat clumsy attempt to bypass the swear filter but ask that it be allowed as it will be cogent to the story).

The first defendant continued to look puzzled for a moment and then light dawned and she said "So like, when I said, when we were downstairs like, you know, before we came up here and I could've said I hope the beak's in a coitus good mood today. I mean, that'd be OK wouldn't it like?"

Her co-defendant remained with head bowed and silent for a good few seconds and then said, without looking up "Or, you could say like... the coitus microphone is switched on in here you coitus dumb cow."

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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That's given me something to chuckle over whilst eating breakfast :) Good one that ;)

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