To Sell or Not to Sell! that is the question! by Dallas

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I need some advice fellas..... I'm considering selling my 75.

ok! I do not have too and I most probable will not, but its an option instead of it going to ruin sat on the drive. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her at all, she drives like a dream and looks so so stunning (faultless she is) tax and MOT'd till May next year.

So why I hear you cry.......

Well! we as a family have sort of out-grown her, she's a lovely big car but can be quite small inside (the space issue is the problem). I have just purchased us another MK2 Galaxy which does the job perfectly, so the wife is very happy.

The wife has also said I can keep the 75, so that is a good thing! but we do not need to run two cars and it will be cheaper for us to take the 75 off the road and save the money. So my options are.....

Opt 1: Sell the 75 and bank the money and be so upset and most probably will not forgive myself (but money is in the bank).

Opt 2: Keep the 75 and be happy that I have her and polish her day after day, but how long for it to deteriorate when she wont be in much use. I have the space for her and I will be able to give her a short run on a frequent basis so to keep the mechanical side of things running. But! I do not have a garage so I might have to build a car-port or something.

I am just not sure what to do, normally when I buy a another vehicle I do not give it two thoughts on selling the older one, but this time I just cant bring myself to sell my lovely 75 (especially when there is nothing wrong with her) but the money would look better in the savings account me thinks.

What would you do lads and lassie's ? I am absolutely stumped.

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If you are going to sell I wouldn't do it at the moment, you may be better waiting until April next year.
Look at the prices that these are going for and it might put you off selling it all together.

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These cars are worth so little, no matter the condition. In my view it is just not worth selling unless the pittance recouped can be utilised to reduce or preferably clear an existing debt. Let's face it, 2K in the bank will earn so little interest it is hardly worth the bother. That is if you can find a buyer and don't have to resort to breaking it.

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You have to ask so you obviously do not want to sell it. problem solved.

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Don't sell when you don't have to. You won't get the money the car is worth now, and you won't find a proper one easily when (not if ;-)) you want to buy another one in the future.

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Guys you all are most probably correct in what you are saying, I do feel the need NOT to sell her as she has really done us so so well over the past 2½ years, I'm not sure if I could look out onto my drive and not see her there...... and selling her for so little will be a crime......

My wife is happy for her to stay and my daughters want her for their next prom, so it will be nice to keep her. Its just we don't need to run two cars and the saving would be nice to see it go into the savings account (if you know what I mean). I would like to take her off the road for a while and garage her but I do not have a garage :lol: I have a large driveway and plenty of front and rear garden space so there is no problem keeping her parked up, but it just seems a shame to park her up and leave her as there is absolutely nothing wrong with her to do such a thing.

She is currently on 99956 miles and next service is not until another 2295 miles, so it will be nice to keep her as she is in great condition, she's never really been a problem (best reliable car I have ever owned)......

Speaking with others I thought I would go through a online low mileage car insurance quote with Aviva as they came up on a Google search when typing in low mileage insurance quote, we are already with Aviva on the 75 and Galaxy. The price for the 75 on a low annual mileage came in at £334 on a selected 1000miles a year quote, I only pay £259 now with them on 6000miles. :-o :confused: :rolling:

I think I will give them a ring tomorrow

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....yep, more to insure for less mileage...insurant coming on..

You already had the best advice from Mick. The cars are worth more than they bring. If you can afford to keep it....(I suddenly couldn't).

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Another one agreeing with Mick :-o If you can keep it dry/garaged thats the way to go at present.

"My lovely car now sold onto a very happy new owner.
I still love this marque and I will still be around, preferred selling to breaking, as a great runner and performer"

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The other way is to ignore the advice that they do not sell for sensible money (but there is always someone who will pay over the top) stick it on one of the free advertising sites for what it is worth to you which is obviously far higher than market value. If someone does buy it then shed a tear and move on. If nonone does then keep it as it has more value to you than to someone else.

Plus, if you need the money to buy something then that is a reason to sell. If you are just going to poke it in a savings account then with current interest rates that is possibly not the best way to go.


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I've now moved my allegiance to agreeing with Paul ^. :) (and Mick)

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Thanks fellas for all your help and advice, it is much appreciated.

Yes! she is obviously worth more to me and I think maybe some other punter out there who is looking for a nice 75, she's an old Cowley classic in great shape, a nice example and worth keeping really.

Like I said we have out-grown her and thats all, there is nothing wrong with her at all (everything works and she drives like a dream). She is MOT'd, taxed and I don't think I had any advisories on the last MOT. I think I will be keeping her for sure, the money is not needed so thats a bonus and I don't think my daughters would actually let me sell her (even the wife said keep her)...... :cheers:

Thanks again guys...... :thumbsup:

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