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Just feel the need to say this so here goes.

Last Year for me was probably one of the worst I can recall , I cannot remember a time when so many issues that I had no direct control over were presenting themselves and trying to change my life. ( Not for the better I might add and to some extent still are.)

Not being a quitter I have stuck at the tasks presented and hopefully they will soon become part of lifes learning curve.

So, If this year is as bad as the last, the big man upstairs will have some bloody good explaining to do when I finally meet him :).

To many of you this post will be meaningless but just to a few it will make perfect sense, to those few I would just like to say......Thankyou.

One in particular has been an absolute rock for me, I don't think I could have dealt with situations in the way I did without his never ending support. Paul, Mr Raistlin Sir, it is a pleasure to know you, you are a star and thankyou again. I will leave it there as writing that brought a tear to my eye :o

Right I'm off to get ready to get on that plane :D :D :D
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Nice :)

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Touching. :)
Hope everything this year is a massive improvement for you Dave. Stick at it mate. :-D

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Best wishes for 2012 Dave
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The who is not a great surprise.
All the best Dave.

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Perhaps He is the second coming

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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Nice post Dave. It's big of you to put it into words.

If it's any small consolation it was one of my worst years too (but there have been worse).

Best of luck in the coming 12 months to you and everyone. :)

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hope things are better for you and all of us in 2012

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