Thanks Rob by Raistlin

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Rob has just spent hours and hours valeting and detailing VeeKay.

The new paintwork looked good anyway, but now having been polished to get the spray marks out she looks superb.

Thanks Rob. A truly magnificent demonstration of the black arts of the detailer. :clap:

Good planning to get the wax on just before the heavens opened as well :lol:

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 13 Aug 2014, 17:23 #1 

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It was a pleasure Paul and such a nice colour to work on, just a pity that boot lid scratch wouldn't come out , and the person who did it has caused the repair to be a respray to make that good
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Planning is an unnatural process, much better to just get on with things, that way failure comes as a complete surprise instead of being preceeded by a period of worry and doubt

Posted 13 Aug 2014, 19:50 #2