Testing Times + Retake Test by Jumper

Dave, re your thread about the test. I think there may be something in it. I think I may have gone deaf.

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Dave Goody
Sadly for some reason I cannot look at my post or the replies? I just have a blank space next to the posts. Mick said clear my cache and history but I stlll cannot read the thread? Dave

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That thread appears to have a problem. It caused issues for me too, but is the only one that does. (IE10)

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Had a closer look at it and there is an phBB SEO error on that topic. I've tried to fix it but without success.
Therefore, I am going to delete the topic.
I will try to copy the content into this one first though.

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Retake Test by Dave Goody

Dave Goody
On the news this morning. Apparently a high % of drivers who were asked if older drivers should have to retake their driving test, said yes, and it should be retaken at 66.
I wonder what age the drivers who answered the survey were? They apparently think drivers of 70+ are dangerous? It was then mentioned that in accidents only 6% involved drivers over 70 whilst 35% involved drivers under 30.
mmmm Dave

I had to take my test twice anyway so that counts as my second one then

At 70, I have recently taken my IAM Advanced Driving test, because of this criticism of older drivers. I have been driving (officially), for 53 years without an insurance claim and I scored top marks. The old are being blamed for everything these days, and I am sure they would like us all to pop our clogs at 65. Pardon me for living!

There is an offer for the IAM course, which is posted on this forum. If anybody is interested, PM me and I will give you the details and offer code. It is not at all daunting.

What's happening?

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