SATURN FIVE!! by podge

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I have always thought the Apollo Programme and that magnificent rocket a stunning example of engineering.Tonight we are off to a lecture by this guy.
Did you know those engines burnt 20 TONS of fuel per SECOND!!
Enc an amazing bit of high speed photography.

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That will be interesting, i saw a presentation at a risk conference a couple of years ago about the USA space programme and it was an eye opener just how many risks they were prepared to take, which unfortunately at times led to loss of lives
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podge wrote:Tonight we are off to a lecture

Is that RAeS Peter? If so, any chance he'll get to the Wolverhampton branch?

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Fantastic Link, Thank You! :hail:

I would have given anything, to watch a Saturn 5 go up Live! :(

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Hi Paul,
not the RAes but the Astronomy Group I am in........
It was a superb lecture,so much in the Public Domain now that those brave souls on top of that rocket were not aware of.Amazing test facilities,the like of which will probablly never be seen again.Its on my "Bucket List" to go and see a Saturn 5,I remember every launch,great times to be a teenager!!If I can find out when he is next giving a lecture I will pass it on and Mr Doodles, a little something from my favourites folder......headphones loud a must :-)

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Thanks Peter, full 27" screen and much hi-fi volume recommended.

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podge wrote:Its on my "Bucket List" to go and see a Saturn 5,I remember every launch,great times to be a teenager!

Managed to get to the Space Centre twice in Florida, once in 1990 (when the Saturn 5 was still outside) and managed to do the "Long" Tour in 2003, after it was placed in the new building! :)

Both fantastic days, including getting stuck on one of the launch pads, due to lightening being in the area! :lol:

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