Retired to day!!!!! by podge

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Retired to day!!!!!

Well,it finally came to day,I retired from British Airways after many happy years working with truly great guys and girls on our shift and being hands on every day with lovely engineering.I will sorely miss the job and more so the people and a company that stays in the blood.There were six of us who left to day with over 200 years of engineering experience between us.I have had so many memorable times but best of all was keeping that fabulous white and very fast airliner in the air...the one with the pointy nose :D Pastures new now ...steam locomotives and classic cars :D :D :D and no more getting up at 04.30 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 31 Mar 2015, 20:49 #1 

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Congratulations Pete. You'll wonder when you ever had time to go to work, soon. :)

Posted 31 Mar 2015, 21:08 #2 

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Well done Pete. You deserve some time to yourself :)

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 31 Mar 2015, 21:11 #3 

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welcome join the growing band of Brothers

Posted 01 Apr 2015, 11:42 #4 

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Congratulations on your retirement, all that experience just allowed to walk can't be right somehow though can it ?
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