Pride of Longbridge by kandyman

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Next month ill be helping out the Pride of Longbridge guy's.

The guys at pride of longbridge have been asked by Birmingham council to provide 11 cars to drive 11 judges around at next month's Birmingham City flower show.

So i'll be there in a convoy with some flower judge in the back of the limousine and there talk of having a police escort throught the town centre :ugeek:

I have ordered a couple of new community window stickers just in case there's any press about taking pictures :grin:

And we get a free lunch.

Should be a interesting afternoon.

Posted 08 Jun 2013, 17:38 #1 

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Lucky judge, being ferried around in the back of your limo. Free lunch sounds like a good deal too. :)

Posted 08 Jun 2013, 18:22 #2 

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i saw that but the test day i was otherwise busy so couldn't do it ...didn't bother checking if the day itself was ok as couldn't make the test... i hope it goes well

Posted 24 Jun 2013, 16:22 #3