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Isn't it great that when electricity is generated it produces no noxious substances and that the manufacture of batteries is totally environmentally friendly.Plus batteries last for ever even though Toyota reduced the guarantee on the batteries in a Prius from 6 years to 5 years whereas, for those driving diesel 75 / ZTs only last for 400,000 miles.

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It certainly is, if it were only true. I'm no scientist, but in my most recent acquaintance with my Science lecturer circa 1958, I remember his oft repeated assertion, via a certain Mr. Einstein, that Energy can neither be made nor destroyed.
It's about time all of the facts about environmental issues were published by those not concerned about commercial matters alone. We, generally, are being right royally rooked.

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Well electricity can be made without noxious substances, though I accept that the manufacture of the equipment to do it, can't. Example, wind and solar power are emission free during generation, but solar panels, inverters, or turbines take materials and energy to manufacture.

And though you can't create or destroy energy, you can easily change its form. There's also a rule that you can't get more than 100% efficiency in a system, which is closely related. However I can put 800 watts of electricity in to my heat pump and get 3.5kw of heat out of it. over 400% efficient! It's all about remembering what is part of the system, and not ignoring some of it, because of course it isn't really more than 100% efficient.

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