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Borg Warner
On the 27th I ordered a new fan for my real MG from a very well known parts supplier. Completed on-line and paid for. Now I hadn't used them since before relocating over here to Suffolk so made sure I changed the address and double checked that I had. I had. Yesterday I had an e-mail from the now owners of our previous house saying he'd had a delivery of said part and asking me what he should do with it? Mmmmm!!!

Phoned Manners and had a very interesting conversation along the lines that, although it was their mistake, suggested I asked the guy to post it to me, I could pay him via PayPal for the postage costs and they would then pay me? Apparently they can't send him a pre-paid label with either a return address on it or mine? Besides what if he does not have a PayPal account - I'm not on speaking terms with him, merely sold him our house, wouldn't now know him from Adam. What if he says he's sent it and it never arrives? What if he sends it I get it but tell Manners it never arrived????

Am I being unreasonable in asking them to sort out their mistake?

Really looking forward to fitting it over the weekend too!

Posted 31 Aug 2012, 22:00 #1