Orange is ending it's email service by Dave

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Guess it had to happen eventually :(

Started with something I can't recall where you paid upfront for a year's dialup access, which then became Freeserve, then Tiscali and then Orange, finally EE

I have around 7 legacy accounts with them, which I've been using for years, some with Freeserve addresses, some Fsnet, some FsBusiness. I've been keeping them active by logging in once every six months to send emails (usually I use Outlook) and it's worked fine. Now however, I'll need to sort something out, and ideally something that lets me still use Outlook. I'll also have to unravel some convoluted loops I've got myself into :( For instance, my own domain name which I use for emails actually points to my GoogleMail address, which in turn points to my most used Freeserve account. What I really need is an "end point" email address like the Freeserve one which I can swap all of the other ones to, and then keep the email loops I have now

I'll also have to update a whole load of Internet logons..... :(

Anyway, got about three months before it's all over and done with. Here's the email from Orange

After many years of service, Orange Email will close on 31 May 2017. This means that from this date onwards, you will not be able to access your account or view your old emails and contacts. We’re letting you know now, so that you can sign up to a new account and back up any information that you want to save.

Why we’re closing our email service
When Orange Email was first introduced, most people used basic email accounts provided by their broadband providers. Since then, many companies like Google and Microsoft have launched free email services that are capable of much more than Orange Email was ever set up to deliver. As a result, the number of users has declined, so we’ve decided to close Orange Email and suggest a better alternative.

What you need to do now
Switch to a different email address by 31 May 2017 (please see how below). You also need to update any other online accounts or services that use your Orange Email. For example, your online banking or utilities accounts.

Setting up a new email address
Switching your email address is easier than you might think. You can keep all your old emails and contacts, and you’ll end up with a much better email service. There are lots of great options out there, but we can help you get set up with Google’s free email service Gmail.

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A lot of people these days are using home server boxes, also called NAS boxes (Network Attached Storage). Some of them can run their own mail servers, and rather than relying on someone else email servers where they might (and do) kick you off if you stop using their broadband access, I run my own server. All I have to do is point it at the mail server for whichever provider I'm using in order to send messages. So if you have one it may be an option for you.

In order to do this, other mail servers need to know where to find my domain. I use dyndns and my server keeps it updated with my IP address if it changes, because home broadband often does.

I also use an email forwarding service, so I can give businesses unique disposable email addresses. If they start spamming I simply remove that email address. Doesn't work where I have to have a common address like for ebay purchases but its great for many. I use a service called E4ward.

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I do like the idea of running a home server box, but not sure I'm quite ready for it yet!

Probably need to get an style address (possibly already got one) and migrate everything to that!

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