Now If This Doesn't Make You Go Awwwwwwww! by DeuxGazoles (Page 2 of 2)

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I'm tempted to call him Ventress so when he's being naughty I can shout VENNNNTRESSSS in an Oscar Blaketon fashion :lol:
Geordie Jeans! they're nice & tight especially roond the arse

Posted 24 May 2012, 07:25 #21 

He,s soooooooooo cute reminds me of Shamen the cat we have now, hes got the tuxedo,and long hair,but hes not wearing the socks,
How about bagpuss, or Bootsie,or Domino,or fizzle,as he looks like a can of coke thats fizzed up, or Guinness,for obvious reasons, or pepper (black and white pepper) Harlequin,or Pixel,( black and white pixels) magic, oreo afer the biscuits,or Topper as in top hat n tails,or Zorro,

Posted 26 May 2012, 01:38 #22 

Has this little kitty have a name yet

Posted 30 May 2012, 20:49 #23