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I am in the process of ripping a whole number of CDs (plus a few hundred LPs in the future) using MS Media Player as .wav files.

I originally intended buying a Brennan but recently discovered Cocktail Audio X10 (did post a couple of days ago asking if anyone had one).

The benefits of the X10 over the Brennan seem to be:

Networkable - enables two PCs to access and play different things at the same time
Better display
Can be controlled by app on smartphone
Cheaper (can be bought without HDD)
Up to 3TB HDD
Line out to amp
Internet radio

I am not a fan of Apple so do not wish to go that root plus storage size small

Is this the best way to go or is there a better way?

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Well, I bought a Denon Network Player about 18 months ago, and this should have been a perfect solution

I say "should" as it's not been without problems. Firstly, let me say that the actual hi-fi is great - small, attractive, easy to use, good remote control, and most importantly, a great sound. The problems have come using it to stream, and this all comes down to a Vista problem (you may have seen posts about this before, either here or on another forum!). The plan was to use iTunes to stream, keeping all our music on a 3TB server (courtesy of Raistlin). But I could never get it to play from my laptop without the music stopping every 60 seconds. When we'd tried every solution under the sun, including returning the unit to Denon, who passed it as fine, we tried using it with Gill's laptop (so that obviously means we'd tried every solution bar one - doh!) and it worked perfectly. Turned out to be a Vista Lag Spike issue, which means that with my laptop/network card, it's looking for a better network once a minute, even if you don't want it to, which messes up data flow.

When I eventually have to get a new laptop, then it will work for me! In the meantime, Gill can use it via iTunes, and we've bought a 64gb iPod Touch, which for now will hold all our music, and it works fine from this for me. There's also a Denon Remote App for Android, which worked initially but recently has starting playing up, but using Gill's laptop and the iPod means this isn't an issue!

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Thanks Dave - another avenue to explore :)

Must admit the NAS part could be very useful.

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I use Sonos with a NAS. By the time you've got everything the cost does mount up but it works and its flawless. I'm that impressed I've now got 3 units.

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Dave thanks for pointing me in alternative direction.

Mad-Monkey I have not gone the Sonos route.

I have bought two Cambridge Sonata NP30s - so a start.

Obviously, I will need a NAS - I shall start a new thread.

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