Middle Lane Hogs by Mick

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One of my pet hates when using a motorway is the middle lane hog. The overtaking lanes are just that and not for the 60 mile an hour cruiser.
I do wonder how much difference it will make, considering how few motorway patrols one sees on any particular journey.

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I believe you've hit the nail squarely on the head Mick. No policeman - no evidence :(

However, while I agree that these offences are rife and need to be dealt with, I'm not happy at all with the decision regarding careless driving being handed to the police officer on the spot. Judge, jury and executioner. I am aware that this is not the case and the fixed penalty notice, as with any other, is merely an invitation to close the matter by payment and endorsement, but in reality, how many people will see it like that? How many people will simply pay up because the police officer says so or, in the (mistaken) belief that it'll cost more to take it to Court?

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Bermudan 75
How is this for an idea:

Place cameras along the road with NPR, motorists filmed tailgating would then receive a fixed penalty. The penalty would be to the registered keeper of the vehicle and would be added to the VED. That way the defence of not knowing who was driving would be knocked on the head.

More police on the roads would help though. Cheshire police regularly have 2 officers here in Burland on the Wrexham Road using a speed camera. Why they can't just put up speed cameras instead is beyond me. We regularly get (mainly BMW/Audi/4x4) drivers tailgating us as we go to turn off the Wrexham Road onto our lane. 30 mph speed limit and the turning is immediately over a hump back bridge yet still the idiots tailgate.


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Borg Warner
Whilst travelling over to Wolves yesterday on the A14 we encountered one of these "tailgaters". Part of the problem with the 14 is that it carries a lot of HGV traffic from Felixstowe so you have one lane at 56mph and the other - well take your pick? HGV's do what they do and one was crawling past one of his colleagues at 56.001 mph with a queue of cars and van behind, now I must stress I don't have a problem in such circumstances and will be relaxed until he's cleared the other vehicle, however the SAAB behind us did have a problem! So close I could't see the back of her car and when I looked in my door mirror she was weaving from left to right flashing her lights. There was nowhere for me to go, three cars and a white van in front plus said lorry and a steady stream of HGV's on our inside. SAAB lady decided she'd had enough managed to get in a gap on the inside undertake then pull out dangerously close in front with the usual gesture through her rear window. She then proceeded to do the same with all of the vehicles in front including the lorry. Quite appalling and frightening.

Didn't see one marked police car for the entire 300+ mile journey, only one unmarked Beemer parked up with someone, not the SAAB sadly, so how this will be "managed" who knows.

Judge Dredd comes to mind: "I am the Law".

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As has been said, without police on the roads, nothing will change. I very rarely see police of any sort, when I am out and about, and the 'Highways Agency' Patrols on the Motorways are not allowed to book anybody. People break the law with impunity and it is not confined to any one group. I see men, women, youngsters, pensioners, all committing offenses, such as using a mobile phone, knowing it is highly unlikely that they will be caught.

Why do we need a new law anyway, surely driving without due care and attention covers most of these offenses. I am currently involved with my MP, local Councillors and the Police, regarding parking on the pavement. The Police have told me that it is an offense that is dealt with by Council Wardens. The Council say it is a Police matter and the Parish Council said it is only an offense to 'drive' on the pavement; well how do you park on a pavement without driving on it! The worst offenders are parents dropping off their children at school.

The Police have abdicated virtually all their law enforcement duties. To me, if the Highway Code states that you shouldn't park on the pavement, then that is it. If the Councils and/or Police are not going to enforce the law, then the 'Law' should be repealed. To add insult to injury, the PCSO that is dealing with this matter, parks on the pavement when visiting our Neighbourhood Watch coordinator!


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