Middle class families? by Raistlin

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I don't want to explore the politics of this - there are other places.

What surprises me is the comment about "Middle class families"

I don't recall there being any discrimination in the supermarkets I've visited recently.

Hmm... you can just see it on the shelves;

Working class baked beans: 12p

Middle class baked beans: 45p

with the following addendum:

Please note middle class families must produce their 'middle class membership card' at the checkout to qualify for these prices.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 15 Dec 2012, 10:27 #1 

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HI Paul.
I would'nt worry about it to much as once the working class have eaten their baked beans and the middle class even the upper class have eaten their beans it produces the same effect a load of ---- & burping and you can not stop that :lol: but for what its worth Aldi beans are only 9p not sure but i think they are German therefore must be a better bean :roll:

sorry just loosing wind off :clap: :rolling: will try and drop your horns off sometime today
Pearl Firefrost

Posted 15 Dec 2012, 12:17 #2 

Dave Goody
German Beans! Ve hav vays of making you f**t!

Posted 15 Dec 2012, 19:24 #3 

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Bermudan 75
There is a joke in this somewhere, especially with the German word for father.....

Posted 16 Dec 2012, 16:25 #4