Michael Schumacher by Mick

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After hitting his head in a fall whilst skiing is in a coma and critical condition.

To say I was shocked is an understatement. I wish for him a speedy recovery and with all his marbles intact.

Posted 29 Dec 2013, 23:35 #1 

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Yes apparently much worse than first thought, i too hope he recovers from this, he will get the best possible medical attention thats for sure
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Posted 29 Dec 2013, 23:58 #2 

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This is such sad news, and to think of all previous incidents he had its a accident skiing with son and was wearing helmet that does the damage.
I do hope he fully recovers, but not sounding good.

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Posted 30 Dec 2013, 12:51 #3 

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It is too early to ascertain which way it is going to go for him. He is getting the best care and my thoughts are with his family in what they are having to face with him.

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All the best


Posted 30 Dec 2013, 18:37 #4 

He is at a critical stage in his treatment and the specialists are putting him in an induced state of Hypothermia to reduce his brains demand for oxygen and to help reduce the pressure within.Just hang in there Michael Schumacher,everyone is wishing you to come out of this.

Posted 30 Dec 2013, 20:07 #5