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... Thank you, to all of the community members who have sent good wishes over the last three weeks. They were really most appreciated by us both.

I've just brought her back from hospital and she insisted I should let you all know that, after a very scary few days, she is looking forward to getting back to normal... god help me :lol:

Convalescence is expected to take a little time as she was really rather ill but I suspect that she'll confound the medics by her swift return to match fitness :D

Thanks again guys, you certainly made things seem better for me during a rather grim period.

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Posted 20 Apr 2012, 15:25 #1 

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You are both most welcome. May her convalescence be rapid and sweet.

Posted 20 Apr 2012, 15:27 #2 

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I do hope she gets better quickly, not a pleasant time for either of you I would think.

Posted 20 Apr 2012, 15:39 #3 

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Glad to hear that Marion is home. You two take good care of yourselves and with a restful convalescence.

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Posted 20 Apr 2012, 16:04 #4 

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That's really good news Paul, really glad that she is on the mend
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Posted 20 Apr 2012, 23:36 #5 

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Marvellous news.

Posted 21 Apr 2012, 08:34 #6