IQ test for eBay buyers by PaulT

Advertised a 4 burner gas hob on eBay and stated COLLECTION ONLY. Started at £10 with a BIN of £30.

Someone bid £10 so the BIN disappeared. Then at the last minute a new bidder and £11.50.

Then a message from the winner who lives 200 miles away 'would I pack it up safe and secure and he will arrange a courier'.

So he wants me to take the responsibility to pack it safe and secure which will incur a cost and also an obligation on me. I pointed out that had I been prepared to send it I would have stated this originally and no doubt had more bids - I had people contact me asking if I would send it which I told them I would not.

He has labelled me 'unhelpful and uncooperative'.

Oh, his excuse for not contacting me prior to bidding was that he only found the listing at the last minute. Yeh, my mobile number was in the listing so what are the chances of him finding it 30 seconds before the end.

In future if I list something as collection only think I will have to explain exactly what it means in words of one syllable.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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Ooops. Sorry Paul, I didn't realise that was your eBay username :(

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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