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raistlin wrote:No,

because the offence makes the individual responsible for ensuring delivery, not posting.

Now, is there a franchising opportunity here.......

So set up 'Definite Delivery'. Each franchisee pays a sum for the franchise for an area. They collect mail from individuals for DVLA and they then drive it down to Swansea and photograph each item being handed I type this, no just needs one person in Swansea to have items posted to them recorded delivery that they sign for, then take them to the DVLA and photograph each one being handed over.

But seriously, how does an individual ensure delivery if Royal Mail and the DVLA to not play by the rules of Recorded Delivery does this mean that it has to be personally delivered and to try to get a signature with the DVLA employee saying 'more than my job is worth to sign for anything'.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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