If you want to modify your Rover or MG . . . by Tourerfogey

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The Association of Car Enthusiasts has always been of the opinion that modifying of vehicles would eventually end by the ability to do so being slowly eroded by small pieces of legislation rather than one single regulation. (note : this has been happening over the last 20 years and largely ignored TF)

We have unfortunately now been proved correct with a single item before the EC parliament that will prevent any modifying and will, currently, render already modified cars illegal.

Without a large effort over the next 6 weeks this ’proposal’ will pass into law very shortly afterwards.

Read this:


This means that for even relatively minor modifications from standard - different size wheels, suspension / brake upgrades you will have to submit the vehicle to VOSA for what is known as a BIVA or IVA test - these tests exist already for cars modified significantly beyond a certain point and for Kit Cars and the like - the cost of the test? about £600 inc the VAT . . .

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This has been the law in some other countries for some time now. Anything that affects systems subject to type approval cannot be altered without some kind of re-approval.

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Bermudan 75
....so our Nano-meets should not be affected?

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