how many applicants? by geesmith

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I wonder how many applicants this will attract!

Job title: Warehouse Team Leader.

job description: (get a cuppa first, and a snack, sarnie or similar):
Achieve and demonstrate steps to exceed KPI target expectations.Review forecasts and ensure appropriate staffing and equipment levels.Manage the O/T / Agency procedure including both mid week to week endsWorking in partnership with the agencies on site, support the temp to perm process, with effective feedback and sign off.Ensure all Factors effecting change to plans are communicated including "reasons" for change to operational norm and the desired outcome
Feedback results of any change to the teamEstablish daily meetings with all key staff to update on progress and planned activity and Record and Action all issues arising from meetingsEstablish area specific Action teams to gain grass root input. (i.e. Picking, Packing, Returns, singles, put-away etc)Ensure operational areas are safe and clear of rubbish, hazards and unsafe practicesDelegate functions to operatives and clerical staff, maintaining monitoring and controlResolve problems of shortage or excess of resources to meet demand on a daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal basis.Monitor and ensure that all production standards and deadlines are met. Manage the use of additional resources with agreement of your line manager such as additional hours, overtime; agency or temporary staff within limits set by the Head of Operations/ General manager on a daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal basis.Establish a positive working relationship with the client and all associated functions, product teams, transport providers, IT systems, quality and other service departments and resolve problems to the benefit of the business.To achieve the targets and assist the operation by undertaking manual tasks when necessary.Manage all known or anticipated events on a weekly, monthly and seasonal basis to ensure that production standards are continuously met by taking appropriate and timely action. Ensure that through the effective control of resources all operational deadlines and standards within area of responsibility are met.Manage Performance standards for operations, housekeeping and administration as depicted by the head of Operations / General manager. Regularly monitor actual performances against standards and take the necessary action to maintain and improve.
Implement the Head of Operations / General Manager's instructions with regard to all aspects of the role including supplier liaison, team queries/problems, HR, Training, administration and organisation issues.Working to set time-scales and deadlines whilst maintaining a professional and courteous manner.

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Salary £12k

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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yeah, salary £12k.. :D

......and then on your second day your duties will be....

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I may apply once I've run it past an interpreter and a solictor... dependant on their findings.

I wonder if they've overlooked anything?

The actual "salary is £22,000 per annum plus many "

..must have run out of ink.

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If you are self-employed, you have to do everything in that job description every day in order to survive.


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...but the MD that you report to has another title TF. :)

I found self-employment so easy but wouldn't want to be lugging the gear up the scaffolding now..
.....I could still play bass for a 2 hour set...and drive for 8 hours between venues, but sleeping on the p.a. cabinets in the back of a van with condensation dripping in near zero temps, nah.

The tax rebates were nice as well assuming you stopped yourself a full third. Maybe that was the good old days. . at least we experienced the good old days before the collapse started.

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Have they never heard of paragraphs?

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forgot to say that all applicants must wear their underpants outside their trousers
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I think the uniforms a dog suit. Warehouse team leader = dogsbody.

I'd like to turn up at an interview and say, so just to get this straight, the successfull applicant will be responsible for .... and repeat all that having memorised it.

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"Team Leader" A Person employed to carry out 95% of Management's obligations for 50% of their wage.

Fitted Electric Memory Seat, Leather Cubby Lid, Wood Dash, Message Centre.

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