Household 13amp plug sockets with built in USB charger by Dave

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We need a new socket in our living room, as the current one is not switching off properly - the switch bounces back to "On" all the time so concerned it might be a hazard. No problem to get another swap it over, so had a look to see how much they were on Homebase, as there's one 5 minutes walk away

Not surprisingly, their range is a bit pants, so it's £4.99 for an un-switched, £6.49 for a switched but with lights to show on/off which we don't need, or to get a switched one at £4.99, buy a pack of 5!

So, checked out Screwfix as we've recently had one arrive in our town. £3.73 for a single switched, or £10.00 for a pack of 5! But they also had this, which is a switched double socket, but it also has a built in USB charger with two ports! Not seen these before! OK, it's more expensive, but what a good idea :D So the plan is now to buy one, swap out an ordinary double in the kitchen to use in the living room and then have a nice phone charging area in the kitchen! :D

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They have been around for about the last 12 months a cracking idea which should be std fit in any hotel room.Also for sale in Toolstation ... ets/sd3240
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The only thing to think about, is the USB charging bit is permanently connected to the mains. Apart from the energy, USB chargesr have a poor reputation for long term reliability.

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