Happy Christmas by Trebor

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I would like to wish all who frequent this forum a Happy Christmas and New Year , stay safe all
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Posted 23 Dec 2021, 19:25 #1 

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:cheers: season greeting to you and all whom add to the forum it would be great if we could maybe make a big effect in 2022 to get this forum at the top of the google search for MG Rover, all have a safe and good xmas :thumbsup:
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Posted 23 Dec 2021, 21:46 #2 

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Thanks Rob and Steve
Merry Christmas and happy new year to all our regular readers and contributors. Thank you for your support and contributions, the MG Rover community is grateful.

Special greetings go out to the Midlands Nanomeets Crew for the friendship and camaraderie afforded to our members.

Let us all hope 2022 gives us the opportunity to meet and greet many more new members and perhaps some old ones.

Stay safe and healthy.

Posted 24 Dec 2021, 15:31 #3 

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Thanks Rob, the same to you and yours! :thumbsup:

Posted 24 Dec 2021, 17:46 #4 

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Happy Christmas to all.

Posted 25 Dec 2021, 13:08 #5 

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Merry Christmas to all from Marina and I :)
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Posted 25 Dec 2021, 14:15 #6 

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Bermudan 75
Merry Christmas to everyone, let's hope that we can meet up on a more regular basis in 2022.

Posted 25 Dec 2021, 18:02 #7