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You know the way the wing collars, starched shirts and quill pens are immediately evocative of a time long since gone by? Well, I have to tell you that Gringotts still exists, except that it's now called Phoenix Life.

SWMBO had a policy with them where you keep paying until you drop dead and you get a fixed sum returned to your estate, there being no surrender value. When we checked recently, she had paid in more than twice the sum that would go to her estate, and, let me tell you, she has no intention of departing this life anytime soon. So decided not to throw good money after bad.

Now, when I no longer wish to pay for something, if I have the time and inclination, I'll e-mail or leave a web site message and then stop the direct debit. If I don't have time or I'm not particularly impressed, I'll just terminate the direct debit. Not the courtesy of old, perhaps, but effective.

Unfortunately, SWMBO isn't like that and so, as Phoenix Life don't have the facility to leave a message or have an e-mail address, she phoned them, on their rip-off non-geographical phone number to tell them of her decision.

Today, she received a letter, by owl post ( ;)) which contained, amongst other things, the following.

"Dear Mrs. XXXXXX,

It has come to our attention that you wish us to consider terminating your policy with ourselves.

We cannot take any action regarding this matter until we receive from you a signed letter, confirming your request and giving an adequate explanation as to your reasons for such an unusual request.

When we have sight of the letter, it will be passed to one of our staff for consideration and you will be informed, usually within 56 days, of our decision."

That HAS to have been written by a Gnome... doesn't it?

Back on Planet Real... Direct debit cancelled... simples.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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