Barclays Bank by Tourerfogey

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The shortest resignation in history! Shambolic!

Posted 03 Jul 2012, 11:53 #1 

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But he's only there to find a replacement, I understand.
The big obstacle is that these guys know where the bodies are hidden regarding the regulators.
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The nice thing about these resignations, is at least they'll be able to write their own severance packages.......

Posted 03 Jul 2012, 13:34 #3 

I think I know what packages ought to be severed.

Posted 03 Jul 2012, 17:41 #4 

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Borg Warner
At least he had the vegetables to resign, unlike those who will be grilling his veggies later.

Then again to some degree he can't lose can he? Bit like a football manager I suppose.

Posted 04 Jul 2012, 08:30 #5 

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Bermudan 75
....bankers overpaid for doing what exactly? But what about the new DG at the BBC? annual salary £450,000.....

Posted 04 Jul 2012, 22:49 #6 

Rover418275 wrote:....bankers overpaid for doing what exactly? But what about the new DG at the BBC? annual salary £450,000.....

Not really defending big salaries but perhaps some context. He will be responsible for media output catering for 60 million in the UK and also selling programmes etc overseas for his years salary which is equivalent to a months salary for some footballers - whose output will have the greatest effect?

Then you have the likes of Jimmy Carr who will earn several times the DGs salary in a year - who affects the most people?

Then there is Bob Diamond who was earing £18.2m per year.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 05 Jul 2012, 04:56 #7