Electronic ciggies.. anyone? by geesmith

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Now onto day five of freedom from tobacco. Coming from a long line of gunslingers and ranch hands I've smoked roll ups for years...unfiltered but free from the "burns like a fuse" additives of manufactured ciggies. Prior to that I smoked Marlborough ...and now I have my Tornado e-cigs and am happy to be back on Marlborough flavour....or Virginia...or Coffee. 8-)
On day three I tried a roll up and it was dirty and disgusting.. :lol: ..after two drags I tore it to shreds. No more ash, no more stinky clothes, no more stale pc room. Brilliant. There is talk of banning them (whilst still allowing the sale of fags and baccy 'analogues') but that won't prevent me from purchasing on the internet if it happens.
I still get my nicotine hit, available in 36mg content or 18mg, 11mg, 8mg or even zero mg. my choice being 18mg (and Janets being 11mg).
This also cuts out all the tar and the 4000+ harmful chemicals. Nicotine itself is fairly innocuous, doesn't contain carcinogens and has been proven beneficial in warding off Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease.
Whilst smoking isn't big or clever...I think this is a bit cleverer...speaking as a nicotine addict... and cutting back by gradually reducing the nicotine content is a much more acheivable method for some of us. No more chesty coughs at the start of the day!!! That's me sorted.

Anyone else? :ugeek:

ps.ssst (I've also used it in the office with no complaints...next week I'll try using the coffee flavour ... see if it spurs my admin to put the kettle on) :D

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Good luck with this! My mate swears by the electronic ciggies....not having been a smoker I know not how effective they are, but he hasn't smoked for six months now...

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Well Done Glynn. :clap:

Unfortunately, what stopped me smoking was a rather bad bout of Pneumonia.

I tried stopping many times, and sort of succeeded a couple of times, stopping for 6 months or so.

Have the utmost admiration for anyone trying to give up this habit, if you've never smoked you have no idea what it is like.

Keep it up.

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Hi Glynn,

Would you be so kind as to pm the link for these ciggies or give me some more info.

I have tried several times (11 Months was my longest) to quit and now smoke Roll ups for the same reason you do. I would love to be Smoke free and able to bounce around with the Kids and not be out of puff all the time.

I take my Hat off to you Glynn (and Mrs Glynn) and keep it up.

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Hi Carl, I got my kit and accessories from TECC (the electronic cigarette company) in their half price closing sale..... FINISHES October THE 1st!!
TECC has a sister company called Totally Wicked who will continue to trade. A director resigned from TECC and Jason (Pillbox38) decided to call it a day and concentrate on T.Wicked.

I've found that I like the Marlborough 18mg and that I've had no craving (beyond my hands occasionally wanting to roll one up out of habit). I already feel better for it and the obvious social implications. I have heard some heavy smokers saying they prefer 36mg.... apparently each drag of a real Marlborough is around 100mg!! ..ouch.

My wife has a 'mini' and I have the Tornado. Along with my kit I bought some spares including the Mega battery and Mega atomizer which put together create a nice 'cigar' which I prefer.

I've got 4 cigs made up at the moment. A Tornado with Janets mix in that she has now claimed as her own :roll: she has tobacco and menthol mix in hers.
I have a Tornado with French Pipe mix in it when I feel the urge for a stronger flavour, I have a Mega Tornado with marlborough and a Mega Tornado with ....lemon and anise for a fresher taste.
The coffee flavour fluid is just like Starbucks!!(probably has a similar effect in 36mg strength) :lol:

TECC will deliver in two working days and Jason will continue to give support from TW.
A kit contains 2x atomizers, 2x batteries, a charger, a pack of assorted mouthpieces which contain tobacco flavour fluid mix. So basically 2x ciggies. You will also need some more fluid. Fluid comes in many flavours and strengths.
I read that 36mg fluid will make you feel dizzy after a few puffs, I find 18mg satisfies me, and some people that have to be sucking on something constantly use either 11 or 8mg or work in shady massage parlours. ;)

The easy part is quitting tobacco while still getting nicotine and then having the option to gradually reduce your nicotine content. :clap:

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Interesting... I gave up fags years ago and went over to the chewing gum stuff.. But apart from reducing to the "low" nico content I see no reason to give it up now.. Is Nicorette bad for me long term? :confused: ..

Where's the link to the site Glynn??? I can't picture any of the bits you describe.. :confused:

Knowing to are sticking something electrically powered in yer gob is a comfort to me though, coz it sounds highly dangerous! :lol: Are you likely to end up with curly hair and a permanent wide eyed "not-quite-with-it look? :shock: ...

Bit like most early "rockers" after a couple of huge "bongs" and a pint or two? heh heh, I can remember standing in with a couple of groups when a 12 bar blues could turn into 16 and run on forever if you weren't carefull.. :lol:

For my healths sake I am glad i gave up smoking, but it still feels a bit strange living in the real world rather than one where Pink rabbits, 3 headed dogs, 10 wheeled minis, clouds that could turn into monsters and curbstones that were 12 feet tall abounded.. :lol:

Keep yer batteries charged, see ya at the next Yorkies or Picnic whichever comes first eh.. :thumbsup: Oh and don't forget the link for us poor googlers.. plzzz.. :D

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....tee hee, oh yeah, that world. California in the sunshine...overlooking Sheffield. :shock: ..those rubber buses and 3D carpets.....fog flavoured beans on toast ...clouds that could turn into monsters :shock: ....NURSE!!



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I finally gave up smoking after 15 years!
I vaped with this: http://tekcig.co.uk/featured-electronic ... 0-mah.html

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Nice resurrection of an old thread !
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