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Got an odd one going on with the Rexton!

MOT was due up on Thursday 30th of June. We got the new one done on Tuesday 28th June, two days early. Tax was due up on 1st July, so the Friday. We've got a Direct Debit set up for this, so hadn't received a reminder as such, rather a letter saying

You are at risk of your vehicle becoming untaxed

  • If you get this in place by the date the vehicle tax runs out, your DIrect Debit will automatically renew and you do not need to do anything else
  • If you do not get this in place, your Direct Debit will be cancelled and you will need to tax the vehicle

We'd got a very short break away with the caravan booked (just three days, first weekend free for months!) due to set off Friday morning. I checked the status of the car online, and whilst it showed the valid MOT (which it had done from the 28th) it also said "untaxed". So, as we were setting off more or less right away (and passing through Nottingham, home of many vehicle checking cameras) we panicked little. Gill rang the bank who said that the DD was still in place, but hadn't gone through, and I phoned DVLA, where the third person I was passed to assured me that we would be OK, and that the DD probably wouldn't be actioned until the next working day (Monday 4th) as apparently it can take 5 working days from the MOT being updated. They said I'd get an email notification.

So, on the Monday, checked the status again and still showing as untaxed. Then, Tuesday 5th, got the email and the DVLA site showed it as taxed. Phew!

Or so we thought....

Just checked the DVLA site now and that's fine, car shows as taxed ("Tax due: 01 July 2017") and MOT'd ("Expires: 30 June 2017"). However, Gill has checked the bank and the Direct Debit, although still active, is not showing as being paid!

So, where do we stand? If the DVLA system is saying we are legal, then are we? Or can they suddenly turn round and say "we've not been paid, therefore you are not taxed", and if they do, are we to blame? Or is it them? Or the bank?

Will have to phone them again tomorrow (deep joy) but would appreciate any advice anyone might have!

Posted 11 Jul 2016, 17:18 #1 

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(Site Admin)
Make a note of the persons name and date/time of call. Ask them to confirm by email or whatever.
On the other hand, it may all go through by tomorrow anyway. Hope this option occurs first. :)

Posted 11 Jul 2016, 19:10 #2 

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I hope so too!

Didn't catch the names of the folks I spoke to at DVLA on the 1st (bad line, but tbh not sure they even gave names), although I can give date/time of call, which is probably recorded

Hopefully won't need to phone again, but if I do, will collect all the details :)

Posted 11 Jul 2016, 21:48 #3 

Dave just say that you spoke to Dai Evans and that will cover them all :)

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 12 Jul 2016, 05:51 #4