Does anybody actually take notice of... by Raistlin

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... those comparative reviews of electronic items on the 'net?

I've been having second thoughts about my choice of HTC 8X and my upgrade date is now days away so I wanted to compare it with the Nokia Lumia 920.

Do I really want to take anybody seriously when they use the term "dude", write in text speak and make threats to those who do not share their views?

Now I really understand the origins and usage of the pejorative term "fanboy". The customer reviews, apart from making it clear that teenage boy wannabees can't in fact afford this type of phone even though they profess vast experience, seem to be as perceptive and descriptive as ***** rocks, ***** is pants. Clearly food for thought ;)

Then, when you add the iPhone 5 into the comparison, it becomes even more illogical, partisan, puerile arena, where, for a phone, the most heated, and sometimes the only discussion is what sort of games you (sorry, that should be u) can play.

What a waste of time :(

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 07 Feb 2013, 20:49 #1 

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You'll find proper grown up informed opinion on just about any forum, except those devoted to the items in question. As you discovered they are littered with the most childish of individuals. It seems to me that technology as in phones, computers, pads etc. are only ever reviewed (if you can call it that) by 12 year olds or what appear to be.

Posted 07 Feb 2013, 21:21 #2 

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What is HTC 8X...hit the wotsit eight times? :shock:

Posted 08 Feb 2013, 12:57 #3 

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Mobile phones are to call 999 the AA and such aren't they?

Posted 08 Feb 2013, 13:30 #4 

Mine is. That's why I bought it 8 years ago. It's been a waste of money so far. To be fair, it came with £5 free credit which is still on it. All calls I've used it for have been incoming, from my wife. Like "He's finished my hair, where's the car?", and "Youv'e forgotten me again haven't you?".

Posted 08 Feb 2013, 14:32 #5 

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bopperbrian wrote:Mobile phones are to call 999 the AA and such aren't they?

Only if I can remember to keep it charged up. Lol. :oops:

Posted 08 Feb 2013, 15:37 #6