Dime bar... another tale by Raistlin

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Dime bar being a pejorative that was popular when I was at school to denote an individual somewhat lacking in acuity.

We got into Court this morning to deal with the case of a chap who had pleaded guilty on a previous occasion to driving whilst disqualified, that being the second time he had done so.

He wasn't in Court and we were on the point of dealing with the case in his absence when he appeared, somewhat distracted and out of breath.

The legal advisor asked me if she should put the Bail Act offence to the individual, ie. did he admit or deny not being in Court when his bail ended.

We decided to hold off until he gave us some indication as to why he was late. His advocate got to his feet, presumably to take instructions from his client but the chap didn't take advantage of this and said to us:-

"I'm really sorry y'r honour, but I just couldn't find a place to park."

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Did you throw the book at him?? Was he a total plonker?

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That is a classic, engage brain before opening mouth!!!!

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