Civil Aviation Authority causes ruckus by Raistlin

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Apparently, the CAA will not allow Santa to enter UK airspace until Rudolf's anti-collision beacon (red nose) has been modified to flash at 0.5 Hz.

Typical bureaucracy, I say.

Ah well, at least NORAD are going to be tracking him again this year. The fun begins for the kids (and others) on December 1st. at

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 29 Nov 2013, 19:43 #1 

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Not sure he will be welcome in the Chinese air space this year. They seem to be playing up this week :-)

Posted 29 Nov 2013, 20:45 #2 

He had better look out for the Panda flying up there too, it was o.k. when we worked it a few weeks ago! ... gymmh6.jpg

Posted 30 Nov 2013, 16:21 #3