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Our current barbeque has problems with the burners, and I've been waiting to try and get some replacements too long now.

So I'm looking for recommendations for a gas barbeque. Yes, I know some people say they don't taste the same as a charcoal one, but its close enough to be worth the convenience for me.

So. does anyone have a particular brand they think is very good? And are there any places in the midlands that have a really good selection to go and look at? Most places I've found so far only have a couple of decent ones, so its hard to compare.

Posted 14 May 2014, 19:44 #1 

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Hi Duncan, I moved to a gas one a few years ago and never looked back the convenience did it for me too, light up and cooking within 5 minutes, plus control of the heat.

I use Calor on mine so bought a blue regulator and a large gas bottle lasts for ages

I have an Outback which is a recognised quality make and you can normally get spares for them too, Webber is also a top make

The garden centre at Gailey Island , Dobbies i think , used to have a good selection but are a bit pricey.

There is a place in Welshpool called Charlie's or the Welsh equivalent is Coed y Dynas, they have some really good priced Outbacks on offer at present , a bit of a jaunt but they have a website so you could probably see the choice on there. - just checked and out of stock of one at £129.99 !

I always make sure that I get one with a warming tray which is usually fixed in the lid, it helps take stuff of the heat when you need to or will just store it and keep it warn until needed, then its just a question of size depending on how many people you may feed from it.

Argos have one on offer depending how much you want to spend ... 430763.htm

I have bought many BBQs over the years and hope the above helps a bit
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Posted 14 May 2014, 19:57 #2 

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Thanks, Rob. I agree about gas, the Patio gas is just an expensive packaging for something else. Myself I use propane orange bottles, as the butane can suffer in cold weather, and I have been know to barbeque at Christmas and new year.

I'll have a look at the one in Welshpool, as I have a few days off coming up and we might go for a day out!

Posted 15 May 2014, 19:26 #3 

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Patio gas is just propane in another bottle with a pop on/off regulator. Butane freezes at around 2 degrees whereas propane will carry on down to -lots (can't remember exactly the temperature but it's very low!)

Posted 15 May 2014, 20:00 #4 

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Well, having had a look, outback have started doing a lava rock one again. And its a good price at the Welshpool place, but slightly better at another. Stainless burners too to stop the problem I have with the current one.

Oh and I don't think butane actually freezes at that temperature (though I do know what you mean), but just doesn't 'boil off' properly. Butanes boiling point is -1 to 1C, propane more like -40C.

Posted 15 May 2014, 20:05 #5