Aviation - VC10 by Bermudan 75

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Bermudan 75
Hi folks,

These R/C guys do some incredible things, now a r/c VC10 and Comet


Posted 02 Mar 2014, 19:08 #1 

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That VC10 is as noisy as the real thing.

The Comet 1c isn't realistic though, there are no stress cracks around the windows ;)

Actually... come to think of it... that Comet wouldn't take a great deal of modifying to become a Nimrod :lol:

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

Click the image to go to Nano-Meet Website

Posted 02 Mar 2014, 19:44 #2 

They are superb!! The VC10 would look great dressed up as a Super in BOAC colours!!
As an aside,we now are working the Dreamliner and I told one of the Boeing reps that if you catch it from the right angle and light,the nose looks just like a Nimrod.He was a tad nonplussed,especially when I commented,"will your plastic aeroplane" last as long :-)

Posted 07 Mar 2014, 18:26 #3