Another tale... Dozy mare by Raistlin

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Thieves will nick anything :(

Young woman in front of the Bench this morning charged with four counts of theft from person.

A new Sainsburys superstore opened in Wolverhampton less than a month ago. The restaurant is at the the extreme far end of the building and they run a "trolley corral" system where you park your trolley full of shopping, having paid for it at the tills, in the usual manner, and then enter the restaurant.

This individual had "staked out" the corral, mentally linking shoppers to trolleys and when she spotted a customer going to the loo, ie out of sight, she was waltzing off with the associated trolley which, these days can easily contain goods to the value of £100+.

Unfortunately for her, the dozy mare didn't think about CCTV, and by the time she had repeated the same process for the fourth time, the security staff were alerted to her unusual behaviour and detained her, but not before following her and thereby discovering where she had stashed the other three trolleys, by a service entrance behind some rubbish skips.

Clearly, the goods having been paid for, title to the goods had passed to the individual shoppers and so she faced charges of theft from person rather than the less serious shoplifting charge.

I wonder how many more criminal masterminds will come up with the same idea :lol:

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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