Another tale... an unsavoury trend? by Raistlin

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I was in Court this morning. This time performance monitoring a District Judge in Court 8.

Yet again, a group of, this time, three men over the age of 55, were jointly charged with conspiracy to commit the offence of sexual grooming of a child contrary to Section 15 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003. As in previous cases, there was no indication of rape or attempted rape, leading the learned Judge to air his suspicions that this was an organized commercial venture. They were each remanded in custody to the Crown Court.

Yet again, it seemed that they were reveling in the reactions of some in the Court to the brief but graphic details of the prosecution case.

Unfortunately, their identities were not available for publication as they were related to each other and also to two of their victims.

Cases of this sort are becoming uncomfortably common in these Courts of late :(

On a lighter note, the learned Judge was somewhat taken aback when dealing with a local prostitute, a little later in the morning, aged sixty one, who suggested, with a most lascivious smile upon her face, that she would "service" him any day, and at no cost. He seemed almost deflated some time later during the de-brief, when I told him that she says that sort of thing to all the male judges and Bench Chairmen :lol:

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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