Another tale...AKA people won't be advised. by Raistlin

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There was a 21 year old woman in front of a colleague's Bench today charged with dangerous driving.

She was on the A41, which is dual carriageway and decided that, although the speed limit is 40 mph, that wasn't a safe speed, whereas 15 to 20 mph was. She then drove along the centre line at her chosen speed, swerving left or right as required to ensure those more eager than herself couldn't sneak past and in doing so causing a string of potential collisions as following drivers became more and more frustrated, eventually managing to force a car driver off the road at one of the many roundabouts en route to Wolverhampton.

She chose to plead not guilty and insisted upon a trial, which, whilst it was her right to do so, could have only one conclusion.

The prosecutor, Legal advisor and Bench Chairman all tried to explain what would inevitably happen but she was not to be swayed, insisting that the actions she had taken were to ensure the safety of road users. Reluctantly, she agreed to see a solicitor before the date of the trial but my colleague suspects she only agreed to bring today's proceedings to a close.

She intends to commission a report regarding the safety of the road and will call the author as a witness, along with members of the Highways Agency, and some nine Police officers who were involved in trying to get her to stop safely.

She is employed and has a salary of some 16K. I don't think she will get very far on her chosen course with that modest an income and will still face the trial in due course, when she can expect some eye-watering prosecution costs as the CPS will be forced to engage and call rebuttal witnesses, based upon her stated intentions.

You can't advise some people :(

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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