Another sad loss by Raistlin

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Richard Griffiths has died, and only a relatively young man :(

One of my favourite actors.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 29 Mar 2013, 17:57 #1 

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(Site Admin)
A class act, as they say. RIP

Posted 29 Mar 2013, 18:29 #2 

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Borg Warner
And only 65 too. A great shame.

Posted 29 Mar 2013, 18:32 #3 

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First saw him in Pie in the Sky. Filmed in Bernard's area!

Posted 29 Mar 2013, 18:51 #4 

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I know these stars get paid for what they do and are lucky to do a job that they love, which is something many of us do not have the privilege to do but we forget how they enrich our lives until they are gone. Sad loss to all.
"Keep Smilin'"

Posted 29 Mar 2013, 18:56 #5 

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I saw an old episode of Minder recently and Terry had to look after a rock stars mansion whilst he was out of the country. RG played a fantastic role as the rock stars eccentric brother who turned up to help himself to free booze and proceeded to drink himself stupid morning, noon and night, he was funny with it too
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Posted 29 Mar 2013, 19:18 #6 

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Bermudan 75
Sadly we have lost just not another genuinely gifted actor, but also a man of character.

Posted 29 Mar 2013, 23:19 #7