Alan Cranston (Roverowner) aged 60 RIP by Gate Keeper

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Gate Keeper
Yesterday morning I wondered why Alan had not posted on the owners club or anywhere else. I did a search and discovered he had passed away on 6 April at his home in Sweden. He died peacefully. He had been battling Cancer of the Lymphatics for 2 years. He last posted on the owners club on 20 March as it was something he enjoyed doing on his laptop and it cheered him up. In September 2012 he was given the all clear. The disease had been eradicated completely. Sadly it returned with a vengeance early January this year with the chemotherapy sessions crippling him. I believe he is known to the members here who knew him from the early days of the owners club.

And what of the man?

His origins were Scottish and he went from being a bus driver, to being a soldier, to a registered nurse and then a Doctor, a GP. He was in the parachute regiment and served in the Falklands. I think he told me that he also served in Angola and other hot spots around the world. Please feel free to add in anything I have missed out as I am writing this from my head. He was passionate about his cars and his old caravans and special, custom jobbies. In 2010 he toured the UK and met up with his old petrol head chums. I was fortunate to have never have fallen out with Alan but I do know he never held a grudge against anyone who did. He had a code of conduct, a code of behaviour he rarely faltered from. That is not to say he was not flexible when it came to helping people in public or in private. He liked to have a laugh and a good banter. He was held in high regard and respected for being a man who stood up for what he believed in. Later on, he wrote to me about his illness, which remains private. He leaves a wife Kirsti and children. 2 sons being very young, a son only 1 and a half. It is tragic that neither of them will grow up not having any memories of their Dad, other than the stories told and through cherished photos.

There is a tribute to him on Facebook: Alan Cranston (2 Para) with photos of his funeral in Sweden, attended by his family and his friends from the parachute regiment. I have written to the British Airborne Association of whom Alan had been a member of for many years and who did so much to support Alan through his illness and helped his family to prepare for his funeral arrangements. I have asked them to make contact so that condolences from his friends can be passed on. I hope they do.

I can't believe he has gone. His suffering is no more and he is at peace.
My thoughts and condolences to his wife Kirstie and the children.

Kind regards
All the best


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Thanks for the write up Phil, i never really knew him but saw his posts on the OC from time to time, his passion for his car came across loud and clear though, condolences to his wife and family
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My sincerest condolences to Alans family and friends. RIP

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Sorry to hear the sad news,

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this difficult time.

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So sad to hear this. Our thoughts for his friends and family. I had some interesting chats on the forums with Alan and always liked his sense of humor and courteous replies.
I miss you a lot Samarkand!

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