A tale - I didn't see that one coming by raistlin

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I was chairing a youth robbery trial today.

One of the witnesses was a 26 year old PE teacher and he was in the witness box giving his evidence when all of a sudden he went deathly pale.

I asked if he was OK and he said "Yes. Fine thank you"... and dropped dead.

Apparently, there was a doctor in the Court building and he pronounced the poor chap dead at the scene :(

As my Dad used to say, "You never know the hour".

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 11 Sep 2014, 22:19 #1 

Not a very reliable witness then (sorry, a little bit sick)

But yes, you never know - and who said exercise was good for you - he was a PE teacher

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 11 Sep 2014, 23:33 #2 

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Not good. Not the sort of thing that you would expect to happen to a witness.

Posted 12 Sep 2014, 05:52 #3