A Tale... Good will to all. by Raistlin

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I was chairing a Pre Sentence Report (PSR) Court today. Several cases to deal with but one which shows a particularly cynical exploitation of the vulnerable.

We had before us six Somalian women who had setup such an efficient organization that they had, for a period of five weeks or so, almost captured the entire output of local food banks. Using forged documents they had setup a network of couriers who claimed food bank parcels all over the city. These food supplies were then re-packaged and sold to other immigrants (political refugees) who had no idea that they were entitled, in their own right, to get food from food banks and other organizations in the local area.

The victims were families recently disembarked from war afflicted areas and who were vulnerable and in shock from their experiences. They were systematically fleeced of any cash or valuables, so much so that the gang are said to have pocketed in excess of £85000 in the five weeks of operation before they were caught.

Each individual was charged separately with several specimen counts and they had all given not guilty pleas thus forcing trials.

That backfired because they were all found guilty of at least two specimen charges each and having elected for trial were not eligible for any reduction in sentence.

The PSRs recommended various Community sentences including Supervision (probation), unpaid work etc.

In each case we sent them to prison for the maximum term available to Summary Court upon conviction for two or more either-way offences. Each one went away for twelve months, their joint cash assets of just over £100000, and several high end cars were seized and they were all recommended for deportation upon completion of their custodial sentences.

Utter scum, leeching from those who were most vulnerable and could not defend themselves.

I'm not a great advocate of prison because I don't think it does a blind bit of good in terms of rehabilitation of offenders but, sometimes, the punitive aspect seems particularly appropriate.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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