A tale from the Court by Raistlin

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My colleague told me of an interesting case she had on Friday.

Many of you will be aware of the free / subsidised cavity wall and loft insulation scheme available at the moment.

One of the local contractors, hired to actually do the work was in Court charged with conspiracy to defraud. It seems their idea was to accept the payment for the work and then split it with the householder without the work being done as there are no follow-up audits. Unfortunately for them both, there are, in fact, random follow-ups.

Conspiracy, of course, is indictable only and was sent straight to the Crown Court. I assume there were several linked cases as Conspiracy to defraud is not widely used since the new fraud charges came into being circa 2006.

My colleague didn't indicate the total potential value of the fraud but I wonder what sort of money it would be worth to take the risk.

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