Worn brake pads??? by James.uk

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On the way back from london my brake warning light popped up onscreen (I was not actually braking at the time).. The one with a circle and two dotted curved lines outside it on opposite sides horizontally..

On prev cars this normally meant:- (A) the brake pads were worn and needed replacing, (B) the sensor was kaputt.. (C) brake fluid level was low..

So I checked the fluid level and it's fine. I had the front pads replaced less than 8 weeks ago, and both front wheel sensors (abs?) were replaced at the same time.. Soooo...

Where do I start looking please gentlemen? Rear pads? Sensors ?? Anything I have overlooked?

I hope to get it up on a ramp Monday lunch time.. if my tame mechanic is in a good mood. ;) :roll:

Your help and advice would be most welcome. :)

Posted 30 Oct 2010, 19:54 #1 

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Yellow circle with three dotted lines either side of it indicates low pads or worn sensor ( could also be faulty sensor connector)

Check wire to sensor on front wheel, your tame mechanic may have left a sensor wire loose that has rubbed through on the wheel.

ABS (Antilock Braking System) sensors are different system all together.

Brake pad sensors are fitted to front and rear offside only :)
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Posted 30 Oct 2010, 20:49 #2 

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Thanks Dave. :)

I had the brake sensors, front and back, renewed last year, I seem to be forever buying pesky sensors innit! :confused:

Posted 30 Oct 2010, 21:25 #3