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OK, I have sort of had success at last! (I say "sort of" as not completely out of the woods!)

Working on the fact that the problem recurs every 60 seconds, I found a reference to "Vista Lag Spikes" and it seems that gamers have an issue with this, and there's lots of stuff online about it, apparently a Vista "bug" (although not sure why Gill's laptop doesn't have the same problem.....)

At the moment, I have downloaded a program called "Vista Anti Lag". This has allowed me to play songs over 7 minutes long without a break, and I even managed 13 minutes in one go! However, it will run for a (once again flexible) amount of time, and then iTunes stops. At this point, clicking on "play" again gives a "connecting to URL" message and then the connection to the Internet is lost. This in turn is not resolved by a simple reconnect, but rather takes about 5 mins to re-establish a connection :mad:

So, I am in the area of a solution, but currently have another problem (the lack of connection to the 'net followed by a long time before reconnection)

If anyone out there has come across this and knows the answer, I'd be eternally grateful! :D

Posted 02 Apr 2014, 19:00 #41 

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Just bumping this in the hope that someone may have some ideas?

The Vista Anti Lag applet, as mentioned above, does work for a while, but then kills the Internet! An alternative (WLAN Optimiser) simply kills the Internet :(

I've also tried commands in a CMD window

netsh wlan set autoconfig enabled=no interface=[Wireless Network Interface]

following info found various places such as here but again, it's just killing 'net access......

Gill's laptop has a different Wireless Network Adaptor, which is probably why hers works and mine doesn't. Starting to wonder if the only solution is the original title of this thread....?

Posted 07 Apr 2014, 14:36 #42