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We're having a problem at one of the sites with people parking in unauthorised areas. We have tried putting cones, and people are actually moving the cones and parking :confused: :roll:

I have made some signs saying the area is a no parking area, and that only authorised persons are allowed to use the area for parking, with a penalty charge of £70 for anyone who disregards the instruction.

Does anyone know where I stand on actually enforcing the charge?? Am I allowed? Can I buy a clamp and clamp them? People really are just taking the proverbial! If they parked there and their car was damaged i'm sure they'd be suing me for damages :hissyfit:

Failing that, anyone got any good ideas to shift them?

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Howsabout some of those concrete in the ground removable / lockable steel bollards? Only those authorised to park there would have a key.....obviously they'd have to remember to put the bollard back when they moved but....

http://www.parkingposts4u.co.uk/?gclid= ... 4wodBC69yw


http://www.ultrasecuredirect.com/acatal ... _Lock.html



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We had that problem on Sunday with an unauthorised Mercedes.
Oh! Wait a moment. I think that he did get special permission. :gmc:
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I'm not sure of the situation, but know how it is handled in some other places.

I believe (but cannot swear to) the fact that the land in question belongs to the company in question.

A first approach is to attach a VERY sticky sticker, to the vehicle windows stating that this is an unathorised place, and that their registration is noted, etc etc. There has been some debate about fixing to the windscreen as with the difficulty in removal (that's the agravation for them) it could affect visibility. I think they are put on side windows to overcome this. Of course it must be possible to remove without damage to the vehicle, just inconvenience to the driver.

I know that clamps are available at these places, and have seen them on vehicles, but have no idea whether this was an actual offender, or as a visual detterent applied to a 'planted' vehicle.

It also has to be said, that clamping rules are changing, as announced recently, so something OK today might not be very soon.

EDIT: although I know the sticky label is used in some places, I've since heard that you have to be aware that you could be in trouble if any damage is caused by you having done this. So, I am in no way endorsing that approach.

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The law re clamping is being changed but at the moment I believe you can only clamp vehicles if you are a registered and licensed firm.

Re the £70 charge - yes you can introduce this but it would be unenforceable unless you went through the small claims court - of course, occasionally people don't realise this and will pay up anyway!

My daughter's house has a communial parking area - the bays are all owned by the residents. As they are also just opposite a school they have had similar problems with parents parking there when dropping off and collecting their kids. The school were very helpful and sent letters to all the parents asking them not to park there. If anyone still does, then they usually stop them doing it again be parking a residents car behind them so they have to come and ask for it to be moved before they can take their kids home :)

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Its a pain in the backside! Had a chat with someone earlier, any form of clamping is illegal but you can make a claim through the courts as you say TF. Lots of hassle mind!

I did wonder if you'd all run over and rush me off the site on Sunday Bernard! Thankfully it was raining and everyone was huddled under the gazebo!!

Might have to go your way Zeb and bolt something to the ground! Couldn't believe it when I heard they moved the cones and parked! Cheeky wotsits!

Cheers guys!

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I know that clamps are available at these places, and have seen them on vehicles, but have no idea whether this was an actual offender, or as a visual detterent applied to a 'planted' vehicle.(as sugested by Duncan)

The sight of a clamped vehicle even if it was a plant, would certainly deter me from parking anywhere near .
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A humourous idea accompanied by some shady characters sat in the carpark... :mrgreen:

The signs were put up this morning :mrgreen:

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Monk wrote:A humourous idea accompanied by some shady characters sat in the carpark... :mrgreen:

The signs were put up this morning :mrgreen:

Can I apply for the post of part-time shady character please? :)

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Wolves 75
Dave I had this at work with our car-park, its really hard to get rid of, what we did in the end was buy a clamp, then whoever was on shift would clamp their car close to the entrance so it was on show to the road, its amazing we have had it 2 months now, and not had a problem since, people have said we cant clamp but they will not take the chance as the clamp is on different vehicle each day...... :D

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Bermudan 75
Another solution is to position a crane with a demolition drop ball just over a crushed car, with a sign, park here and you are next..........

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