Tourer rear lights, best way to fix by davidthelodge

Hello all, I just purcahsed a very nice CDTI tourer but one rear lights was loose at the bottom. After trying to tighten the bolt which has a 8mm head it became clear the thing was just spinnng and not tightening. Every effort to pull out the bolt failed so i striped out the interior to get behind the light. Then I found the common problem of other side of the fitting spinning next to the inside of the body. Who's solved this? I cant get to it to hold it. Is the best way to try and glue the nut to the insdie of the body? Thx David

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Hi David,

Welcome to the Community, if you do a search of Arctic's posts you will find that he has put together a repair that might solve your problem.



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Thx for your reply, I read that before I posted. I assumed the raw plugs were to fit on the outside of the car body, but now I am thinking do these actually replace the nuts which are supposed to be fixed, maybe originally glued or welded, (but now turn) on the inside of the body behind the light unit ?

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Hi David.
You first need to remove the bolt/screw from the fixing which in it's self is a nightmare and most people end up breaking the bracket, once the light is removed you can then plan which fixing you will add to the car to replace the spinning captive nuts, I think plasterboard rawl plugs could also be used for this making sure they are bit larger than the hole, then use flat head screws to hold the light in place, now the weather is picking up I will tackle this and post my findings cheers Arctic

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Thx Artic, thats just my problem, removing the bolt/screw, unless I can glue the captive nut from behind I cant think how to get it out. There does seem to be any room to cut the bolt head off and knock it through. Artic, I understand you also do the handbrake compensator fix I am only in Kidderminster can you p.m. me with your contact details if you are interersted in doing mine?

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Hi David.
Pm sent but do take a look at the meet we have coming up on the 23rd where I will be fitting some at the meet, if you can not make it you can always come to me at home cheers Arctic


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Still not clear to me how best to remove old captive nuts. Cut off head and push inside? I presume this will do less damage than trying to drag it outwards.
What a nightmare! I'd like to dispense with the clear tape some day
Cheers, George
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