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I was thinking about options for improving the performance and/or economy of my diesel. I see that something called the Synergy gets mentioned a few times, and seems worth looking into.

But what about the insurance? I'm worried that an obvious black box like that will result in an instant invalidation of the insurance should I be involved in an accident. Obviously the thing to do is declare it. But have any of you done that? And how much extra did the insurance company want?



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I've moved your post into the main forum, you'll get better coverage than in the tech forum.

Someone in the know will be along shortly with an answer. :)

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Great! Thanks, Mick!

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As for improving economy thenthe additional cost of insurance will wipe that out.

Insurance cost fitted to a 131ps vehicle will probably add less than a 116ps as the % increase in power will be less.

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I've got my synergy declared with Admiral and being an Oldish git :-D

I'm F-comp with Protected NCB . all for 188 quids!!
they also record lots of NCB years too. not like some with their 9yrs . 15 years etc ..

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I disconnected mine May 24th just in time for the annual policy renewal with Direct Line. Premium for 2011/12 was £385.84, premium 2012/13 £241.17. In fairness as a percentage they refunded the loading that went on in 2007, when I originally opted to modify.

All other policy conditions were common to both years. I'm 66, with 30 plus years without a claim. If your looking for economy from a 'Synergy 2', forget it, they knock you back at least 10%, in my recorded experience.

I understand RoverRon is now offering a 'Synergy E' which apparently boosts fuel consumptive efficiency, without a contemporaneous increment in BHP. Therefore technically you shouldn't need to declare it on a policy of insurance?

However as it's a 'Mod', in the real world away from the puerile facade of TV ads, I can well imagine insurer's rushing to the 'non declaration' escape route to turn any claim down, so 'Caveat Emptor'.

I ran mine for four years and also had the 'Pierburgh Maf' fitted. Whilst I appreciated the boost, my driving profile, including mileage have changed and to be honest I've not missed it at all.

Additionally I was conscious of nice Mr. Osborne's 4p a litre crank up coming, and chose the austerity route. It's entirely a personal choice of marginal utility comparison, but the arithmetic is truly only one way.

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Smiles per mile....:D Nope, it won't help consumption but yes it is FUN! (Depending on how you drive.) I wouldn't have another diesel without one....

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Zeb: have you declared it? Did it cost you extra?


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