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I'm new to owning a 75, and after a few teething troubles I'm really getting to like mine.

It's a 2003 diesel Conny SE and comes without an FBH (Fuel burning heater.). How feasible is it to retrofit one? Is there a step-by-step guide anywhere?

I have searched the forum already but it came back with 200 results. I've done my best but couldn't find what I was looking for.

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This will give you an overview. xpdfdocuments/engineandtechnical/FBH_Explained.pdf We don't have a know how document with install instructions but many members have done the job successfully. One of them will be able to assist.

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It's certainly feasible, and one of the easier mods. Prompt me to give a better explanation tomorrow as it'sbedtime right now!

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i have fitted x2 need any help give us a shout

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Hi Thack, Thankfully my car came with an FBH, but I helped someone retrofit one a while back. Pretty easy, as the wiring loom is already present. If you can rob one from a scrap car in its entirety than its a mornings work. Its EASILY the best feature on the car, IMHO!
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Yes you can retrofit without much difficulty, but dont forget you need the fuel pump aswell as the fbh
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